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Ulf Lindroth Fox Hunter Using Dan Thompson Game CallsThe hunting’s been pretty good, I shot five foxes in the last three days and a buddy shot another one I called in. The PC2 did most of the calling work.

I’m sending you a picture here, it was taken yesterday in Swedish Lappland. Two male red foxes taken within minutes on the same stand, using the PC2.

My name is Ulf Lindroth from Rosvik Sweden. I call Red Fox extensively in Sweden and other parts of Northern Europe and in the last few years I have worked a lot at introducing this method of predator hunting in Scandinavia. I’ve long been a fan of open-reed calls, but since I found the Dan Thompson line of calls I’ve basically changed my mind. I have found these calls more reliable and more versatile than other closed-reed calls I’ve tried. So, when I need a natural-sounding rabbit distress sound today, my go-to call is the Dan Thompson PC2. I’ve used that call successfully on foxes of both sexes and all ages, throughout the season and in farmland as well as on the tundra. Thanks for a great call!

We’ll keep in touch and maybe one day we’ll get to make a hunt over there. September and October are busy months hunting here, before the winter arrives, but who knows. Thanks for the offer!

All the best,
Ulf Lindroth


Calling Predators

While calling predators is something that can take a lifetime to master, it is something that anyone can get started at right away.

A good call is a call that is well made using only high quality materials and expert craftsmanship – that will get you there. Hardwood is a must to give it a natural sound, and a well tuned reed will help to mimic an animal’s call. After that all you have to provide is the air!

You will be surprised at just what sorts of creatures will come out to see what is going on, even if you are a complete rookie. If you practice outside in your yard don’t be surprised if you call out a few of your human neighbors who want to see what’s going on!

Two Basic Predator Calls

The two main types of calls Continue Reading…

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