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If You Can Blow Air You Can Call Predators

Calling Predators

While calling predators is something that can take a lifetime to master, it is something that anyone can get started at right away.

A good call is a call that is well made using only high quality materials and expert craftsmanship – that will get you there. Hardwood is a must to give it a natural sound, and a well tuned reed will help to mimic an animal’s call. After that all you have to provide is the air!

You will be surprised at just what sorts of creatures will come out to see what is going on, even if you are a complete rookie. If you practice outside in your yard don’t be surprised if you call out a few of your human neighbors who want to see what’s going on!

Two Basic Predator Calls

The two main types of calls for a predator are calls that mimic the predator itself, and calls that mimic the distressed prey of the predator.

You can get a single call that will do everything or you can carry a few, where each one is specialized to do specific things. It just depends on how much you want to carry with you and, it’s like fishing – if one lure isn’t working try another one until you find out which one is.

If you’re just getting started it may be better if you have a specific call for each type of sound because that will give you more accurate sounds and also if you are just getting started an enclosed reed call is easier to learn and use than an open reed call. Eventually you will want both types but you can make do pretty well with a single call, just remember your spare reeds!

It’s good to start with a predator sound like an “invitation howl” (which is made on an open reed call like a howler) to put the guys on alert. Then you can give a prey distress call and they will come on in to take a look.

Varmint Calls

Hunting varmints is a great challenge and is also a type of hunting that can provide a service. If you’re in an area with a bounty on a particular type of varmint then you can also make a bit of money for yourself while you’re at it.

Different types of varmints will respond differently to your calls.

Bobcats are the trickiest because they move cautiously and stick to the cover. You really have to be observant of your terrain because sometimes all you can spot is the white area on the chest of the bobcat. One advantage is that sometimes when they spot you they will stand still for quite a while trying to get a good look at you so you have a chance to take a shot at them. That is, if you manage to spot them first. You’ll never know just how many of these guys you have called in. You’ll miss far more than you’ll see – as many will see you and leave without your knowing it.

Coyotes are the most exciting to hunt because they are extremely intelligent and cautious, but if you get them interested in a prey distress call you can sometimes get them within 10 feet of you traveling at a dead run. They are beautiful creatures and very exciting to hunt and remember that their ears will often get them into trouble but their nose will almost always get them out of it.

Foxes are the biggest suckers for a well done call. They’ll come right up to you looking for the prey and you could just about get out and club them. Sometimes if you miss them, they’ll even come back again and keep looking. It’s enough to make you wonder where the phrase “crazy like a fox” or “smart as a fox” comes from!
Happy Hunting!

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