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Dan Thompson – a true Mountain Man, Master Craftsman, and Legendary Marksman and Hunter

He grew up learning wolf hunting from his father, who himself had been hunting wolves since the 1920’s. Dan lived in the desert for many years hunting and trapping and then applied that life long knowledge and experience to invent, develop, and patent the design and internal acoustics for each of his calls …. he was featured in various movies and his customized products have been written up in numerous books and articles.

All of his life he had a passion for all aspects of the hunt. He made a name for himself as a master hunter, a true craftsman, and even an inventor. His depth of knowledge and skill made him a cult icon in the hunting world.

Red Desert Howler

Dan became famous for his signature Red Desert Howler; a call which took him 8 years to develop and perfect.

He mastered the art of predator and game calling and his expert vocalizations of these animals made him a legend. He was considered by many to be The Best Caller in the USA.

Dan was known the world over for his skill and love of the craft. Hunters from Alaska to Europe to Australia to Africa use Dan’s predator calls and constantly send our company stories of their hunting successes with each of his products.

Handmade Custom Game Calls

Although people try to copy Dan Thompson’s predator calls, the other products simply can’t compare to the handmade quality, or the variety of calls, that can be made with a real Dan Thompson original calling instrument. Dan’s game calls produce the pure correct sound of prey and are incredibly versatile.

Since they are hand crafted in superior hardwood and each one is hand tuned to the exact specifications laid out by Dan Thompson himself, the resonance and true tone that is achieved, simply cannot be duplicated by other calls!

When you get a Dan Thompson Call you are holding in your hands the work of an icon — a skilled craftsman, a true mountain man, and a legendary predator hunter whose calls continue to bring success to hunters the world over!

In Memoriam

So it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Dan Thompson who passed away December 26, 2011 from an unexpected heart attack. An extraordinary person in every way, he will be deeply missed by his family and friends, and all of his “extended friends”.

Those who knew him, knew him for his famed talent and understanding of predator calling, and his un-matched abilities as a superb hunter, marksman, and master game call maker. Most of all they knew him for the kind and gentle man that he was and they knew that at the end of the day his family meant everything.

But, as Dan wished, the business continues through his good friend and partner John Haslem and his son Danny as they carry on with the personal hand tuning and marketing of every call. This ensures the high quality standards of all game calls that Dan’s customers have come to rely on.

Dan would want to say one final “Thank You” to all those who have supported him and his business over the years and continue to do so. We also know that he would wish you “Good Huntin’ – and we’ll see you on the other side”!

From all of us- “Thanks Dan for everything- and we will see you again”!

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