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Hunting coyotes in WinterWith fall well underway and the first snow storms in the north heralding the onset of winter, some hunters are brushing up on their winter skills. Winter predator hunting is a real challenge and can offer an exhilarating adventure.

Before setting out on a trail, it’s important to know some effective techniques for tracking fast predators like coyotes in the snow and cold. Here, we provide four tips for winter predator hunting.

Track Food Sources and Use Howler Calls

It’s not always easy to locate coyotes in wintery conditions, even when they leave tracks in the snow. They tend to isolate themselves within dense wooded areas and Continue Reading…


Hunting requires plenty of skill in tracking, stalking, trapping, stealth and marksmanship. Plenty of patience, too.

Success also depends on using quality game hunting calls. There are many types of game calls and some hunters don’t fully appreciate the difference between open-reed and closed-reed calls. So let’s see which kinds bring the best hunting success.

Sounds Made by Game Calls

Types of game callsWhen hunting game, different types of calls simulate different sounds. The whole idea is to draw your prey closer to you.

Some mimic regular animal sounds to attract other animals closer, while different calls mimic distress sounds to attract predators. Bird mimicry calls are great for drawing in ducks, wild turkeys and other wildfowl. Other calls mimic mating, challenge and alarm calls to draw deer, elk, moose, bears, coyotes and foxes.

For a predator, a distress call is like ringing the dinner bell. Predator calls can mimic the general sounds and distress calls of deer, rabbits, mice, squirrels and birds. Coyotes and foxes, for example, are known to respond to these. Continue Reading…


Hunting wild game can be a challenge for all hunters, but especially for beginners. Aside from having enthusiasm, novice hunters need to learn about animal behavior, know their equipment and be trained in safety.

Here are some hunting tips for beginners to learn before heading outdoors.

Take a Hunting Beginners Course

Hunting PartnersEducate yourself with a local Hunter’s Safety Course before you go in the field. A course will teach you the basics of how to safely hunt different types of wild game.

Every state requires you to have a valid hunting license and several will request you take a safety course first. Hunting courses are good opportunities to learn proper techniques and pick up great tips from the pros. They also provide chances to meet potential hunting partners. Continue Reading…


Hunting deer in the fall requires knowledge and skill. Success depends on understanding deer behavior at this time of the year and using the right gear and techniques for a successful hunt. Take a look at the following fall deer hunting tips and techniques:

Hunt Bucks by Tracking Does

Deer HuntingThe best way to find big bucks is to track the does. During peak rutting times – that is, in the fall – bucks are searching for does to mate with as well as fighting off other bucks for the chance to mate.

During peak rutting, does are likely to remain most of the time with their herds, with only occasional excursions. They avoid the males until the best moment for mating.

Although does may be “hiding”, bucks know some of their tricks and continue to seek them out. Identify the core areas for does and set up your tree stand or blind along connecting corridors. Continue Reading…


Wild Hog HunterWild hogs can be exceptionally vicious due to their destructive nature but they can be specially difficult to stop when angry.Also, they can be easily missed in a densely forested area.

Therefore, wild hog hunting is a high risk activity that requires a commitment to safety.

Take a look at a few of these hog hunting safety tips so you can remain unharmed while on the hunt.

Bring Hog-Stopping Firepower

Sometimes the hunter becomes the target. An adult hog can weigh 150 to 300 pounds, or more. If one charges you, stopping it quickly requires firepower. Continue Reading…

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Elk HuntingElk hunting can be an exhilarating experience, but many have found it can also be exceptionally challenging. Elk are fast, strong and difficult to predict animals that can confound even the most experienced hunter.

There are specific elk hunting mistakes many make that diminish their chances of success. Let’s look at the most common errors and how to correct them.

Inappropriate Physical Fitness

Elk hunting can be a strenuous activity. Elk love to frequent rough and rocky terrain and can cover large tracts of land very quickly. Continue Reading…


Grizzly BearExperienced hunters understand the challenges involved in hunting bears. They know bears are highly perceptive animals – elusive and very fast when necessary. On a bear hunting trip, every hunter knows the essentials to bring for comfort, like sleeping bags, shelter, optimal footwear and proper clothing.But what gear can bring greater success at bear hunting? Let’s look at several of the tools hunters should have when they step out into the wilderness.

Go 100% Scent-Free

The smart and experienced hunter knows to carefully prepare scent-free everything. Bears are known for their incredible sense Continue Reading…

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Looking For GameEvery hunter, novice or expert, carries a game calling device. It’s an essential item that may determine whether an animal stays in the right position for the hunt or scurries off into the distance.

Hunters can significantly improve their chances of success on their trips if they choose their game calls wisely.

What are the differences in the options available? Let’s take a look at the major differences between mouth calls and electronic calls for game hunting and highlight why Continue Reading…


CoyoteCoyote hunting can be a tough but thrilling challenge for even the most experienced hunter.

Coyotes are renowned for being evasive, stealthy and fast. With research, commitment and some good tips.

Hunters across the country can learn to be just as cunning and thus increase their success rate.


1. Choose the Location Carefully

The coyote is a master of its territory. It knows the areas where ample food is available and Continue Reading…


hunting mapTracking game in new terrain and testing yourself is what hunting is all about. It’s important for sportsmen to continually challenge themselves.

And this means searching for new environments and new hunting grounds to explore.

Be sure to add these great U.S. hunting locations to your next trip.


1. Rapid City, SD

Considered the welcoming gateway to the Black Hills region of western South Dakota, Continue Reading…

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