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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to purchase Dan Thompson Game Calls

There are three ways to purchase Dan Thompson Game Call products

a. The easiest way is to choose which item you need and click the ADD TO CART button.  Your order will show in the top right side of the screen.  Once you’ve added everything you want to your shopping cart, simply click on the red CHECK OUT button to complete the purchase of your order.

b. The other way to purchase is to go to the Contact Us page and send us an an email.

c. Or, call 1-435-656-4714 and order by phone, directly.


2. Product Shipping

We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping.

The cost of shipping is based on the weight (Dan’s products are light in weight) and on your choice of how quickly you want to have it delivered.  The choices for delivery options are inside the shopping cart.


3. Where Are The Dan Thompson Game Calls Made?

All of the Dan’s game calls are made in the USA.  Each game call was designed and hand crafted by Dan Thompson himself from only the highest quality hardwood available and each call is then hand tuned individually before ever being sent out.


4. What Are The Details About The Dan Thompson Howlers?

The Red Desert Howler (largest) has the deepest sound to it (the old dog or “male” coyote voice).

The next largest is the Sweetwater Howler which is shorter in length and produces a higher pitch sound similar to the higher pitch of a “Female” coyote.

The smallest, the Wind River Howler, is the shortest and therefore the highest pitch sound; similar to the sound and pitch of a “Pup” coyote.

Although these howlers will produce other sounds, such as elk, deer, duck, woodpecker, rabbit, etc. they are primarily referred to as “howlers” and those looking for a howler will want to know which one is for which coyote sound or voice.


5. Is There A Way To Learn How To Do The Calls To Be Successful?

Dan made a DVD called Predator Calling and in it he gives all the instruction necessary to do calls correctly to be a successful hunter.  Read the testimonials of the people that use his game calls.


6. Private Instruction Now Available

Learn “hands-on” from a former World Champion and 37 year veteran caller all the in’s and out’s of predator calling! DVD’s are great but out in the field “one on one” can’t be beat!
Offered on a space available basis- call for details! 1-(435)-656-4714 or email us here

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