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Bear Hunting Gear: The Right Equipment to Use for a Successful Hunt

Grizzly BearExperienced hunters understand the challenges involved in hunting bears. They know bears are highly perceptive animals – elusive and very fast when necessary. On a bear hunting trip, every hunter knows the essentials to bring for comfort, like sleeping bags, shelter, optimal footwear and proper clothing.But what gear can bring greater success at bear hunting? Let’s look at several of the tools hunters should have when they step out into the wilderness.

Go 100% Scent-Free

The smart and experienced hunter knows to carefully prepare scent-free everything. Bears are known for their incredible sense of smell. The slightest hint of a foreign odor within their territory will keep them away.

Hunters should leave at home their cigarettes, chewing tobacco, gum and other odorous accessories. Even deodorants and insect repellant can keep a bear away, as well as any trace of gasoline or oil (from vehicle maintenance), soaps, cleansers, lotions, strong toothpaste, etc.

To ensure scent-free clothing, hunters should wash their clothes and packs with scent-free detergent before the trip. This will help remove old smells and ensure there is no chemical scent for the bear to pick-up. Hunters must also thoroughly clean their tools from past hunts.

Everything must be scent-free. Everything!

Appropriate Weaponry

Effective weaponry is an essential element for hunting bears. An important aspect of choosing any bear weapon is to combine precision with power. With that in mind, hunters might consider a solidly-built 30.06 hunting rifle. The 30.06 models should provide the power required, but heavy bullets can add to the chances of success in bringing down a larger bear.

For hunters using a bow, it is recommended to use one that has a draw weight of at least 50lbs. Heavy carbon arrows should also be considered as part of bow bear hunting gear, as they are one of the few arrow types strong enough to puncture the chest of a large bear.

Communications Equipment

Hunter using GPS DeviceWhile the traditional hunter might be opposed to using technology, the latest communications systems can help ensure a safe and successful hunt. GPS devices can be used to track previous locations and ensure hunters are not simply retracing their steps throughout a hunt.

Meanwhile, good and reliable radios allow communication between hunters, help members of a group find one another, and ensure that each member of the group has some assistance when alone.

Predator Calls

Be sure to pack your game calls. There are plenty of calls that will attract a bear, but there are 2 things all hunters should know.

First, don’t use a call that sounds like a bear cub in distress. A mother bear may follow any sound that is remotely like that of a distressed cub, but remember that she may send her own cubs to safety before investigating and you may mistakenly think she has no cubs. If you shoot that mother, you kill more than one bear.

Hunting License

Grizzly Bear HuntingThe simplest thing of all. Pack your hunting license. There’s no worse feeling than having completed a successful hunt only to be stopped by a state wildlife official and fined for hunting without a license.

If you’re going bear hunting, learn from experts, then choose and prepare your equipment wisely. The smallest detail can make the difference between success and failure.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Dan Thompson Game Calls.

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