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Five Incredible Places for Game Hunting in the United States

hunting mapTracking game in new terrain and testing yourself is what hunting is all about. It’s important for sportsmen to continually challenge themselves.

And this means searching for new environments and new hunting grounds to explore.

Be sure to add these great U.S. hunting locations to your next trip.


1. Rapid City, SD

Considered the welcoming gateway to the Black Hills region of western South Dakota, Rapid City presents a range of hunting and fishing opportunities for the avid North American outdoor sportsmen. The region is home to elk, mule deer, pronghorns, prairie dogs and coyotes, ensuring that any visitors will experience the thrill of hunting some truly elusive creatures. South Dakota also offers one of the world’s largest populations of wild pheasants, making the region one of the most attractive across the U.S. for pheasant hunting.

2. The Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Montana

Comprising 254,288 acres of pristine landscapes, the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in southwest Montana is a great spot to hunt elk and moose. For bear hunters, the area also has a large population of black and grizzly bears. Explore a mixture of mountainous and grassy terrains while enjoying the breathtaking sites Montana has to offer. Because wilderness areas managed by the U.S. Government don’t allow motorized vehicles, this is real hunting, the old fashioned way.

3. Show Low, AZ

Scoping For GameFound at the foot of the majestic White Mountains of Arizona, Show Low provides hunters with direct access to numerous animal habitats. The wetlands provide plentiful opportunities to hunt the many types of waterfowl native to the region. The area also thrives with elk, antelope, black bears and mule deer. The terrain is tough but awe inspiring.

For somewhere so far south in the U.S., the weather can change from hot to cold quickly sometimes, so it’s best to be a prepared hunter who loves the challenge in the elements.

4. Salmon, ID

There’s a reason why it earned the name Salmon. Due to the abundance of Chinook, Kokanee and Coho salmon in the waters around the town, which include the famed Salmon River, large birds like grouse can be found in great numbers. The fish and fresh waters also attract mountain lions and bears. But wait, there’s more! Trophy elk, mule deer, antelope. Anglers even fish for trout in the high mountain lakes. In a town like Salmon, you will see there is way more to Idaho than just potatoes.

5. Adirondack Mountain, NY

The Adirondack Mountain range provides hunters access to a vast expanse of territory. The opportunities for coyote hunting are huge here. Coyote hunting is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Hunters love to test their skills against the quick-moving and agile coyote, and the Adirondack Mountain region is one of the best locations for this. Hunting is allowed on all state lands. Aside from the coyote hunting, every year there is even a window open in the season for bow hunting.

From the pristine mountain ranges of Idaho to wetlands in Arizona, hunters from across the U.S. can explore exceptional scenery while honing their abilities against some of nature’s most cunning and evasive creatures.

And don’t forget your mouth calls, you will definitely need them!

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