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Predator Hunting: Five Coyote Hunting Tips to Give You the Advantage

CoyoteCoyote hunting can be a tough but thrilling challenge for even the most experienced hunter.

Coyotes are renowned for being evasive, stealthy and fast. With research, commitment and some good tips.

Hunters across the country can learn to be just as cunning and thus increase their success rate.


1. Choose the Location Carefully

The coyote is a master of its territory. It knows the areas where ample food is available and can negotiate tough terrain to find a safe place to sleep away from other animals. By selecting the hunting environment carefully,you can significantly improve your results. Focus on areas in which smaller animals, such as mice and vermin, might live.

Coyotes are attracted to marsh areas, swamps and riverbeds because these locations are rich with the various small animals that make up their diet. Check for tracks, scat, and listen for barks or howls as they make their way around the area.

2. Know the Environmental Factors that Work in Your Favor

Coyotes are very particular about the times and conditions when they will roam and look for food. Most experts advise the best time for coyote hunting is when the weather is cooler and calmer. This is when these predators will feel most comfortable outside. You will rarely find coyotes wandering their terrain during windy weather. And on warm days the animals usually prefer to keep cool to conserve energy.

3. Stealth is Essential

coyote strollingCoyotes have exceptional eyesight, smell, and hearing, and they are very aware of their surroundings. Hunters must have complete awareness of their own movement and the noise they make during a hunt.  If a hunter does not approach or observe carefully, the predator can be gone at a speed as high as 40 mph. Refer back to hunting tip number 1 and be sure you choose a location that increases your stealth capabilities.

It’s also important to consider your position for a shot. With its keen eyesight, a coyote will focus intently on the source area of any call. A hunter must dress in well-made camouflage and preferably use a field edge for his hunting position because it provides good long-distance sighting.

4.  Call Equipment

A hunter also needs a high quality predator call. Hardwood mouth calls are more effective and realistic sounding than electronic ones. The Pup Squaller call is highly recommended as it perfectly imitates puppy cries and rabbit sounds. The Pup Squaller is also very effective at attracting coyotes as it makes a great mini-howler.

5.  Timing the Hunt

The success of a coyote hunt can depend on timing. Try to limit the amount of time you spend in one particular area because coyotes tend to move from one feeding area to another regularly.  After 30 to 45 minutes of trying calls from one location, it might be time to move to the next spot.

When changing locations, it’s important to move at least a mile to a mile and a half away from the original area. This type of regular movement also has the potential to confuse the animal, which may just work to your advantage.

Coyote hunting can be a challenge for even the most experienced hunter. Knowing the right predator hunting tips and techniques will only increase your chances of success.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Dan Thompson Game Calls.

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