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The Benefits of Mouth Calls Over Electronic Calls for Game Hunting

Looking For GameEvery hunter, novice or expert, carries a game calling device. It’s an essential item that may determine whether an animal stays in the right position for the hunt or scurries off into the distance.

Hunters can significantly improve their chances of success on their trips if they choose their game calls wisely.

What are the differences in the options available? Let’s take a look at the major differences between mouth calls and electronic calls for game hunting and highlight why mouth calls hold the advantage.


Packing light for hunting is important. After packing rifles, ammunition, shelter and other supplies, there’s often no room for other large pieces of equipment. And electronic game calls take up space in the kit. Mouth calls are simply more portable than electronic ones. They’re small, light, they fit in a pocket, and they can be taken out quickly when a predator is spotted. There’s also no need to look down to find a button. The hunter can keep his eyes focused on his field of fire and his prey.


Hunter's Whistle.Mouth calls are exceptionally cost-effective when compared to many of the electronic calls on the market today. The electronic ones costs hundreds of dollars. This affordability makes mouth calls the clear choice, especially for hunters on a budget. Save bucks and have greater return on your hunting equipment investment.

Personal Achievement

Mouth calls let hunters feel like they are truly matching wits with nature. When hand made with care and artistry out of wood and a reed, a mouth call produces a more natural tone and gives hunters the ability to fool even the wiliest predators. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of successfully hunting an especially elusive animal with little more than stealth and a simple device. (Call me a purist, but electronic calls, with their ability to be placed and operated remotely, kind of take some of the fun out of it.)

Electronic Products Can Fail

Successful HuntThere have been many stories of hunters almost ideally placed for a shot suddenly discovering that their electronic calls had run out of battery power.

On top of that, the elements are a persistent challenge when hunting, and they can take a heavy toll on anything electronic.

Conditions for hunting are often wet and chilly – just perfect for ruining electronic circuitry.
Add to that, if you drop your electronic call, it’s most likely broken.

Mouth calls can be used in a broad range of weather conditions and it is exceptionally rare for them to fail.

Whether a hunter prefers closed reed calls or open reed calls, mouth calls continue to provide superior value for hunters over electronic game calls.

Just be sure that the mouth calls you use are made by a true master craftsman. Only the best will do!

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