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Howler Pak

Howler Pak

Ever wondered which howler on the market is the best?  “Try the rest and then buy the best” - Dan Thompson’s patented howlers! Listen to a plastic howler and then listen to Dan’s patented hardwood howler and then listen to an actual coyote - you’ll know which one to buy!

This package includes all three of Dan’s hand tuned hardwood howlers which will give you a variety of coyote voices as well as the volume needed for effective hunting on those windy days when most other hunters call it quits!

Also included is Dan’s informative instructional 'Predator Calling' DVD.  This DVD is a wealth of instruction and knowledge well worth twenty times its remarkable price!

Package Includes:

  • Red Desert Howler
  • Sweetwater Howler
  • Wind River Howler
  • Predator Calling with Dan Thompson DVD

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