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Intermediate Pak

Intermediate Pak

This package is designed for those who are already familiar with enclosed reed calls but who haven’t yet had a chance to try the very best hardwood calls on the market. Included in this package are all three of Dan’s hand tuned calls in Jackrabbit, Cottontail, and Coaxer plus his deadly Wind River Howler.

If you have never used a howler, you are missing the success you deserve! Dan developed and also hand tuned this patented howler for the serious caller.

This package also includes Dan's instructional DVD.  This DVD is a wealth of concentrated knowledge and instruction - a must have for those really want to know the in's and out's of calling predators.

Package Includes:

  • Wind River Howler
  • Jack Rabbit Call
  • Cottontail Call
  • River Bottom Coaxer
  • Predator Calling with Dan Thompson DVD

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