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Prey Pak

Prey Pak

Already own some predator calls? Now try owning the best hardwood call on the market and one that is hand tuned by those trained by the most knowledgeable coyote hunter on the planet; Dan Thompson!

Ever wonder who started “Calling Contests”? It was Dan Thompson back in 1988!

Who made the first howler? Again Dan Thompson!

This package includes each of his hand tuned hardwood predator calls which provide a jackrabbit, cottontail, and coaxer voice as well as the old time Weems Wild Call replica.  Also included is Dan's very informative and instructional 'Predator Calling' DVD!  An incredible price for a wealth of knowledge and instruction!

Package Includes:

  • Jack Rabbit Call
  • Cottontail Call
  • River Bottom Coaxer
  • Weems Wild Call
  • Predator Calling with Dan Thompson DVD

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