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Sweetwater Howler (Female)

Sweetwater Howler (Female)

Like it's big brother, the Red Desert Howler, the Sweetwater Howler makes all rabbit distress sounds/cries, coyote vocalizations, elk bugle, deer grunt, sand hill crane calls, and duck calls at a HIGHER PITCH! Great for coyote, fox, bear and all other predators. This call has also been the demise of many a Wyoming Bull Elk - making it an awesome elk bugle!

Besides the variety of animal sounds that are easily made on this howler (just like the Red Desert howler) the Sweetwater howler does it at a higher pitch and is therefore a very effective female howler and in many cases is less intimidating than the male howler to younger coyotes.

Quality wood construction shows true craftsmanship. Approx 5 inch megaphone. 8 1/4" inches in overall length.

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