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Wind River Howler (Pup)

Wind River Howler (Pup)

Like it's two big brothers, the Red Desert Howler & Sweetwater Howler, the "most versatile long range calls on the market"; the Wind River Howler makes all rabbit distress sounds/cries and coyote vocalizations, at a HIGHER PITCH!

The Wind River Howler is the highest pitch of the three howlers and effectively mimics a "pup" coyote when used in coyote vocalizations. This unique little howler also makes great woodpecker sounds as well as all other sounds that the larger howlers make. Great for coyote, fox, bear, bobcat and all other predators. This call has been the demise of many a Wyoming coyote.

Quality wood construction and true craftsmanship. Approx 3 1/4 inch megaphone.

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