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Tor Ola Dehli – Fox Hunting – Dan Thompson PC 2

Hey John,
Tor Lokkerever-pc-2-030312Yes, that is me and you are free to use them any way you like. Yep,
picked out photos where I used the PC 2.

More and more people have supressors. I will NEVER use a rifle without again. It is a dream to shoot with, no recoil, does not have to disturb other people when you are hunting close to houses, gives you better opportunities to take a second shot if you miss, you also hear if the bullet hits the animal and most of all saves your precious hearing.

Tor Ola Dehli-toten-230312“Tor Ola Dehli, from Gran, NORWAY is the Norwegian distributor of Dan Thompson Game Calls.
He is one of Scandinavia’s most known predator callers, and has had great success with our calls. Especially the PC 2 is lethal for the red fox over there, as you can see in the photos below.

Called in a fox for a friend tonight. Call PC 2

Tor Ola Dehli 😉

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