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Yote Coyote the Predator

I believe you build the best predator calls on the market. I talk very highly of your calls and always have. 🙂

If this is Dan Thompson himself then hello Dan! We talked on the phone 7 or so years ago. I called on info about a yote tournament. I wish I could have made it and met but it didn’t work out.

I believe you build the best predator calls on the market. I talk very highly of your calls and always have 🙂
My favorite (if I had to pick one) is the PC-3 River Bottom Coaxer. My last one was recently lost. I love its sweet fawn bleat and so do the cougars. It brings them in close to make that critical shot, they are convinced by the sound of the call. In the cougar set usually over a timbered canyon I start out low and soft bleats (I’ve had cats just come running in within minutes after the first few bleats) like a fawn starving for its mother. Eventually after 1/2 hr I’m playing, the nearby yote family found me and I wish ma would show up (panicking fawn). Then the bawling begins as the coyotes are hanging off both ends of me and I’m now coyote food etc.

It’s a screamer and my hats off for producing such a success. I have always lived near good cougar habitat so my chances of calling those big cats in has been fairly common. Its been a private affair with me and the cougars. I set them up pretty tight, in a little more cover than some may be comfortable setting up for big cats. They’re usually down in a chest drag when I shoot them with a bow or rifle, nothing over 40 yds away yet, closest was 8 yds. I had the PC-3 at my lips when that 190 lb tom showed up at 8 yds, one of my bow cats. That was exciting to say the least, after 4 125 gr Steelforce Titanium broadheads in the head, he finally fell over dead. I really love predator hunting and have been at it my whole life, year round sometimes 3 days a week. Primarily bears, coyotes, bobcats and cougars. It’s my passion and I have been faithful to the ethics of hunting and raised in that manor. I wanted to share some stories here and I have some really good photos of success with your calls. Thank you for your product, its been a blessing in my life.
Jeff W.

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